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A pedagogical project

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To provide an efficient functioning of the school and a better preparation for the upcoming academic year 2015-2016, we would like you to pay the registration fee of 3000 dirhams, no later than March, 31st 2015. Any registration beyond that date will be billed as a first-time 6000 dirhams enrollment and no exception will be granted.

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year will start from April, 15th 2015 priority is given to any other siblings that will be attending Khalil Gibran.

Please not that seats cannot be reserved or guaranteed for 2015-2016 without this formality and the registration for the next year won’t be accepted unless the previous school year fees are totally paid. 

the first semester reports cards

Dear parents,

Would like to inform you that the first semester reports cards are ready and invites you to collect them.

We would like you also to proceed and sort out your financial and administrative situation before March 4th, 2015 so as not to interrupt the schooling of your child (ren).

If you have already paid would you please ignore the second paragraph of this memo

Donations : humanitarian event

Dear parents,

Khalil Gibran School has the pleasure to announce to its participation in a humanitarian event by building a bridge between the private and public sector where many students are in need of our help to ease their pain and suffering.

In this respect, we shall be profoundly thankful and grateful if you take part in this noble cause to draw a smile on those pupils’ faces.

We kindly ask you to donate: (Clothes. Shoes. Gloves. School supplies)

“Be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow the reward of those who do good to be lost”

Would you please drop off your donations at Primary School’s Administration .

Thank you for your cooperation.

Aid El Mawlid

Dear Parents,

Khalil Gibran's administration informs you that the courses will resume on Tuesday, January 6th due to Eid Al Mawlid on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th of January 2015.

Exam report

Dear parents,

This is just to inform you that the exams reports including ESL classes are available to download from KGS website.

Thank you for your patience  and understanding.


School Calendar

Dear Parents,

Some modifications have been made to the school calendar.

Below is the new modified calendar :

Gibran Khalil Gibran


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